Learn to write software in the most advanced yet easily learned programming language in the world. Ada is the time-tested, safe and secure programming language used for long-lived critical application development.

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Benefits and Features of Ada


  • Development cost savings
  • Maturity of language and implementations
  • Freely available international standard
  • Interoperability with other languages
  • Ease of training programmers
  • Successful usage in practice
  • Software portability
  • Professional grade Open Source compilers


  • Support for “programming in the large”
  • Flexibility
  • Data Abstraction and Information Hiding
  • Reusability
  • Concurrency support
  • Methodology neutrality
  • Real-time support
  • Mission and Safety-critical support

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Step 3 - Share Ada with Others

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The LearnAdaNow.com Contest 2015


Create a recorded video (screen cast, talking head, full live action, etc.) of up to 1 hour long (no minimum) in mp4 format of

How to do something Awesome using Ada

  1. Submit your entry to david@botton.com - if too large please provide a link for downloading.
  2. The judges will be the prize donors and one representative from SigAda and one from Ada Europe.
  3. No one that submits an entry nor David Botton (the organizer) can be a judge.
  4. Each judge will score each entry 1-10 points and the highest scored submission wins.
  5. If you add a pdf transcript with static images of your recording and code samples if appropriate you automatically get 1 point added.
  6. Each entry will be posted when received to LearnAdaNow.com
  7. The last date for submissions will be July 31, 2015
  8. The winner will be announced by August 7, 2015
  9. All submitted videos and associated materials must have no restrictions on reuse and distribution and be original new works.
  10. If there are multiple entries with the same highest score the winnings will be divided equally.
  11. Multiple entries are allowed.

Prize Donors so Far:

  • David Botton - $100
  • Duncan Sands - $100
To donate to the prize contact david@botton.com